Employment Practice Liability


What is it?

Employment Practice Liability insurance protects you against claims of discrimination, harassment, wrongful dismissal and other matters that can arise in the course of everyday staff management.


Who needs Employment Practice Liability cover?

Every business should have this protection in place from the time the first employee is hired. In fact new businesses are especially vulnerable to claims due to lack of familiarity with regulations and the inevitable delay in setting up the relevant procedures.


What does it cover?

Employment Practice Liability insurance covers you for legal fees related to defending claims made by employees or former employees. The policy also includes a helpline where you can to discuss any queries or concerns in confidence with our legal team.


While a Legal Expenses policy will cover some areas of employment practice liability, there are aspects where a separate cover will be needed. We can advise you further on this.


What having Employment Practice Liability cover means to you

With this cover in place you can rest assured that you have experts on hand to guide you through the increasingly complex minefield of employment regulation. If a claim is made, you will be protected from the potentially huge legal bills involved.