Employee Fidelity


What is it?

Employee Fidelity insurance covers you for the loss of money or stock over a period of time where your own staff are responsible.


Who needs it?

Any business that employs one or more staff is potentially vulnerable to a case where a disgruntled employee helps themselves to company property. The higher the number of employees the more likely you are to face such an issue.


What does it cover?

A standard Theft insurance policy covers you only for instances where there has been a forced entry or exit from the premises. Employee Fidelity cover extends this to those instances where one or more of your own employees has been taking money or stock over a period of time, using deception to avoid drawing attention to their actions.


What having Employee Fidelity cover means to you

Having this cover in place provides you with the reassurance that should an employee have carried out prolonged acts of deception to take items of monetary or commercial value from your premises, you will be financially protected against any losses.