Malicious Damage


What is it?

This peril is defined as an act causing damage that was undertaken with the specific aim of causing that damage. Examples might include someone scratching a car with a key or putting a brick through a window. Malicious Damage can only be included as a peril in a policy if Riot and Civil Commotion is also included.


Who needs Malicious Damage cover?

Any business can be affected by an act of malicious damage, irrespective of their location and size, and should therefore consider covering this as a peril within their Fire policy.


What does it cover?

Malicious Damage will cover the costs of repair and replacement of items damaged as a result of an act of malicious damage. The cost of interruption to business may also be covered if you are unable to continue your normal operations as a result of the damage caused.


What having Malicious Damage cover means to you

While nothing can prevent the emotional losses attached with damage to your property, at least by having the appropriate insurance in place you can protect yourself against the potentially enormous financial impact of such an incident.