What is it?

Earthquake damage is that caused to a property or its contents as a direct result of movement of the ground due to seismic activity.


Who needs Earthquake cover?

While the UK is not exactly a high risk area for major earthquakes, they do still occur. Even a mild earthquake can cause serious structural damage to buildings and result in them becoming unsafe for use. A moderate to strong earthquake does strike the UK from time to time, so any property is potentially at risk.


What does it cover?

Earthquake Damage cover will protect you from losses incurred from a confirmed earthquake. Structural damage to buildings (such as cracks in walls or fallen chimneys) are covered, as is any loss of contents that may have been broken in the earthquake.


The policy excludes damage caused by a fire because any fire that broke out as a direct result of an earthquake would be covered under a fire policy.


An earthquake policy does not cover the consequential losses incurred as a result of any interruption caused to your business. Only by taking out business interruption cover can you safeguard against these potentially enormous losses.


What having Earthquake cover means to you

Earthquake cover offers the policy holder the comfort of knowing that for a small premium they will be protected against a potential wipe-out of their business premises should the unlikely ever happen.