Aircraft (aerial devices)


What is it?

Aircraft and aerial devices cover protects you financially if an aircraft or space device (or part of one) falls onto your premises and causes damage.


Who needs it?

As any building could be damaged or destroyed by an aircraft it is recommended that all properties include this peril within their cover.


What does the policy cover?

While aircraft very rarely crash and the risk of one happening to hit your building is very small, parts of aircraft, space devices and various types of debris have been known to fall to earth and can potentially damage an entire building.


The policy covers you from damage caused to your premises by any flying device, including planes, spacecraft, helicopters, hot air balloons and airships.


The policy excludes damage caused by a fire because any fire that broke out as a direct result of an aircraft or aerial device would be covered under a fire policy.


An aircraft policy does not cover the consequential losses incurred as a result of any interruption caused to your business. Only by taking out business interruption cover can you safeguard against these potentially enormous losses.


What Having Aircraft Cover Means to You

By having a policy in place that covers you in the event of aircraft damage you can be reassured in knowing that you are fully protected against a rare but potentially catastrophic event.