Goods in Transit - own goods


What is it?

Goods in Transit insurance provides cover for your own goods against any accidental damage of theft that might take place while they are in transit. These items covered are most commonly stock but can also include tools and materials required to complete a job.


Who needs Goods in Transit cover?

Cover is required by those who move their goods of value from one place to another.

A haulage company will have their own liability in place in accordance with the requirements of their trade associations (RHA or FTA) – see Goods in Transit by others. This however will only cover a flat fee per tonne of goods and does not take into account the individual value of items within the cargo. Neither does the haulier’s policy cover you against damage to your goods by accidental fire.

It is therefore important that the owner of the items has an appropriate Goods in Transit insurance policy to cover against anything (such as fire, flooding or total loss) that might affect their goods while in transit.


What having Goods in Transit cover means to you?

With this policy in place you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you are protected against anything that might impact the value of your goods while they are on the move.