Your Legal Obligations


Certain elements of insurance will be strongly advisable for the work you do. Other policies may form part of your contractual arrangements with clients, lenders or partners. There are, however, some policies that you are obliged to have in place by law.

Employers’ Liability

An employer must have valid Employers’ Liability insurance in place according to the 1969 Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act. There are minor exceptions so please check with us if you are unsure.


Under the Road Traffic Act of 1991 all motor vehicles that are used on roads or places to which the public have access must have a Motor policy that insures them, at least on a Third Party basis. This will cover injury to other people or damage to their property caused by you or your vehicle. The same requirement applies to riding schools.


Statutory Inspection 

If you operate pressing or lifting equipment this must be inspected regularly. Failure to maintain a proper maintenance schedule can invalidate your Public Liability insurance.