Why we're different


At rhg we help our clients obtain the right insurance product for their business, at the right price. We do this by following three simple steps:


1. We take the time to really understand your business. Every company operates in its own unique environment, with its own specific risks. While every business might be vulnerable to fire and theft, for some Product Recall may be a major concern, for others Business Travel and for others still, Goods in Transit. We assess what you do and recommend only those insurance components that are appropriate in order to protect your business.


2. We provide expert advice on managing your risks. We discuss the areas in which your business may be vulnerable and make suggestions on ways in which you can reduce the chance of a claim. For example, it may be wise to move expensive machinery from the floor to protect it in the event of flooding; or a dark stairway may need improved lighting to reduce the risks of an accident and a subsequent Employers’ Liability claim. By making your business safer you are reducing the chances of having a claim and this helps us to keep your premiums as low as possible.


3. We go out to the insurance market and secure the best deal for the cover you require. As a fully independent broker we are able to obtain your cover from the most appropriate source, wherever the best solution may be. Over many years we have developed high-level contacts across the insurance industry, allowing us to negotiate the best available deal on your behalf.