Loss of Licence


What is it?

Loss of Licence cover relates to insuring the financial losses incurred during the period where a venue is prevented from conducting its normal business as a result of its licence for music or alcohol being withdrawn.


Who needs Loss of Licence cover?

Any business that requires a music or alcohol licence to operate. This includes bars, night clubs, music venues and private members’ clubs. When a licence is withdrawn the business owner is required to reapply to the assizes, who typically sit every three months, to have the licence reinstated. This can result in a prolonged inability to operate.


What does it cover?

It will cover financial losses that are incurred as a direct result of not being able to operate while waiting for the licence to be reinstated.


What having Loss of Licence cover means to you

This insurance provides business owners in the hospitality industry with the comfort of financial protection in the event of their normal operations being stopped by a legal withdrawal of their music or alcohol licence.