SG Select



What is SG Select?

This is a unique scheme that supports local Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire businesses by providing comprehensive insurance solutions on exclusive terms that are not available from any other source.


In the past, local businesses and SMEs have been unable to use their collective buying power to arrange better value insurance. SG Select now offers all the advantages of bulk buying, while at the same time enabling individual companies to fulfil their specific insurance needs


How does it work?

rhg has gone to the insurance market and brokered an exclusive community-wide insurance deal. This enables us to offer businesses with an SG postcode the same insurance benefits usually reserved for nationwide companies.


The SG postcode area includes Arlesey, Baldock, Biggleswade, Buntingford, Henlow, Hertford, Hitchin, Knebworth, Letchworth Garden City, Much Hadham, Pirton, Royston, Sandy, Shefford,  Ware.


SG Select applies to a comprehensive range of rhg insurance services, so every company can benefit from the scheme whatever their individual risk management and insurance requirements.


Benefits of SG Select

·        Lower premiums

·        Low cost instalment facilities

·        Wide range of policy cover options

·        A local service based in Stevenage


Ask us how SG Select can give you better value insurance for less money.