Engineering Inspection


What is it?

There is a statutory requirement to perform periodic inspections on certain types of plant or equipment. If an accident occurs when equipment has not been properly maintained, you may not be protected by your Public Liability policy.


Who needs it?

Anyone with plant or machinery on site will require these to be regularly inspected to ensure the safety of all those involved. These inspections can be performed by a competent person sourced locally, or can be undertaken by your insurer.


Examples of plant or equipment requiring regular inspection


Power Press

Exhaust ventilation Plant

Stored air or steam pressure

Plant fitted with hydraulics, chains, wires or ropes.


There are regulations that state precisely what plant and equipment requires inspection. We will be happy to advise you on this.


Why choose rhg Insurance Brokers for your engineering inspection?

Whoever performs your plant and equipment inspections takes on responsibility to do the work in a timely and competent manner and is responsible for any advice given. This offers you the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will be professionally inspected on an appropriate maintenance schedule and should any claims arise this can be managed efficiently as rhg Insurance Brokers would have full details of the maintenance records.