Deterioration of Frozen Stock


What is it?

This relates to the unexpected breakdown or loss of power to freezers (and chilled cabinets) resulting in the contamination or rotting of stock. Insurance can cover both the motor of the freezer and the stock contained at any time within the freezer.


Who should have Deterioration of Frozen Stock cover

This cover should be taken out by anyone who keeps all or part of their stock in a freezer or chilled cabinet for any length of time. Restaurants, supermarkets, transporter trucks and logistics handlers all require protection against unforeseen losses from freezer damage or breakdown that result in a loss of ambient temperature.


What having Deterioration of Frozen Stock cover means to you

By having Deterioration of Frozen Stock cover in place you can protect yourself from situations that can arise without warning and that can potentially wipe out the value of all currently held frozen stock.