Contract Works


What is Contract Works insurance?

Contract Works insurance provides a company with the overall protection it needs to have in place in order to work on a specific job. While individual sub-contractors may have their own indemnity policies in place, Contract Works cover provides a blanket insurance policy that goes above and beyond those of the subcontractors.


Who needs Contract Works insurance?

Contract Works insurance is often a requirement for a contractor on a specific project. The contractor is able to select an insurance policy that is specific about those contractors and subcontractors covered, depending on the requirements of the employer (usually the owner of the site).


What having Contract Works Insurance means for you

Having Contract Works insurance in place means that you are covered in the event of loss or damage to a work site during your contract, regardless of the variations in individual sub-contractors’ policies. For example if there is a fire on the site that results in you needing to restart the job, the policy will cover you for the additional materials, tools and financial losses incurred as a result.