What is it?

Theft refers to anything taken without permission from your premises. Burglary is included although theft from a vacant property is usually not.


What does a Theft policy cover?

Items left in the open will not normally be covered by a Theft policy. For a theft to be covered there needs to be evidence of forced or violent entry to or exit from premises. Exceptions to this are theft of keys or entry at gunpoint, both of which are included under Theft cover.


Collusion cover can added to a Theft policy to protect you from situations where an employee co-operates with an outsider to break in, for example by sharing an alarm code or passing on keys.


A separate Employee Fidelity cover should be considered to protect an employer from situations where an employee (or ex-employee) steals amounts of money or stock from the company over a period of time.


What having Theft cover means to you

Should your property be affected by a theft or burglary a theft policy will cover you for the cost of replacement of stock.