What is it?

Money cover is cover for any cash that you might have on your premises or in transit (usually to the bank). For example if you keep the day’s takings in the company safe overnight and the money goes missing, Money cover will protect you against this loss.


Who needs Money cover?

Any businesses that routinely keep cash on the premises should consider this cover. This will include most retail businesses as well as fundraising organisations and money handlers.


What does it cover?

Money cover will cover for any theft of anything with a paper written value. This includes cash, uncrossed and crossed cheques (to the value of £250,000), postal orders, postage stamps or vouchers. It will also cover the replacement costs of safes or cash storage equipment that might be damaged in a robbery


What having Money cover means to you

Having Money cover in place will provide peace of mind in knowing that any cash losses from a robbery will be recoverable through your insurance policy.