Accidental Damage


What is it?

Accidental damage is broadly defined as the damage done to your property or contents by a one-off, unexpected incident.


Who needs Accident Damage cover?

In short, everyone needs to have this cover in place as none of us can make our environment entirely accident free. Items that you might need to protect from accident damage could include glass doors or surfaces, expensive office equipment such as printers and photocopiers or a valuable boardroom table.


What does it cover?

Accidental Damage cover will protect you from losses incurred by an unforeseen, unintentional incident. It won’t cover you for any wear and tear.


What having Accidental Damage cover means to you

Accidental Damage cover provides peace of mind in knowing that should an accident happen within your premises, you will be financially protected. While it’s impossible to prevent the emotional pain from breaking items of sentimental value, at least the policy will ensure you do not suffer monetary loss.