Help Fight Against Insurance Fraud

Members of the public can join the fight against insurance fraud by reporting what they know to the Cheatline.  Powered by Crimestoppers, the Cheatline is a free service that enables members of the public to anonymously report information or suspicions about insurance fraud.

Cheatline is on 0800 422 0421, or online at www.insurancefraudbureau.org/cheatline.

Motorist advice on how to minimise the risk of being targeted by the cash for crash fraudsters:

◦ Stay alert: Pay attention to your driving and the cars/traffic around you

◦ Keep your distance: Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front.

◦ Roundabouts and slip roads: fraudsters target roundabouts and slip roads to induce accidents; be especially vigilant in these areas, allowing plenty of space

◦ Two cars ahead: there are frequently two cars involved in inducing an accident – the car directly in front and the car in front of that car as well. Both may drive erratically. Allow plenty of space between you and the two cars in front.

◦ Check the brake lights: A common trait in many vehicles involved in ‘crash for cash’ is failure of the vehicle’s brake lights. If you notice the car in front brakes and their lights don’t work, remain cautious, allow extra space between you and the vehicle, and perhaps distance your car from theirs.

◦ Warning signs: Is the car in front moving particularly slowly or is it slowing down and speeding up for no apparent reason?

◦ Driver Behaviour: If the driver in front is focusing on the back of the vehicle, that could be a sign they are looking for an opportunity to induce an accident

◦ Passenger Behaviour: Are the passengers in the vehicle in front turning around and looking at you for no reason? They may be looking for a chance to induce an accident.

◦ Collision Damage: Does the car in front look like it has been in other accidents – especially showing damage to its rear?

Please feel free to contact us on 01438 350222 to obtain further advice.