Why not all insurance is the same

Getting the most appropriate insurance for your business is not about selecting the cheapest ‘one size fits all’ policy to satisfy your minimum legal requirements. Each business has its own risks and its own safety procedures that reflect what it does and how it does it.


It may seem obvious that the way in which someone runs their shoe-making business is quite different to how another person runs their accountancy firm. But even within the world of shoe-making no two businesses are the same. Each shoe-maker will use different equipment, operate in a different location (with its own unique set of risks), have a different stock management approach and interact with their customers in an entirely different way from their competitors.


How we work

We take the time to see how you work and where you work. We look at the types of contracts and agreements you have. We look at how your business is owned and managed. In short, we take the time to really understand your practices. Only in this way can we tailor the insurance we offer to best suit your requirements. Once we agree the appropriate cover we will then go out and secure the best deal for you.


While you may be able to get a packaged commercial policy that covers 75% of your insurance requirements, it is the gap left by remaining 25% that could wipe your business out if things go wrong.