Artisan Food Trail Insurance Solutions


What is the AFT?

The Artisan Food Trail (AFT) offers high quality producers a prominent online presence and helps connect them with restaurants, local shops, chefs and thousands of food lovers across the UK. Being an accredited AFT member tells potential customers and associated professionals a great deal about the integrity and quality of your organisation.

As well as helping you grow your business, AFT also has a desire to help you reduce costs. As selected AFT partners, rhg Insurance Brokers provides even greater benefits to AFT members. Many members have substantially improved their insurance portfolios while also reducing costs by utilising this exclusive scheme.


How we help AFT members

In Worcestershire and further afield Checketts is a name synonymous with high quality artisan food. Similarly in the field of risk management and insurance, the name Checketts is linked with a detailed understanding of the risks to small food businesses and with helping those businesses find effective solutions to insurance problems.

Small food businesses are vulnerable to large claims that can wipe them out. These claims could arise from areas such as products liabilityfreezer breakdowncomputer virus or the ability to cope with business interruption. These risks need sympathetic and informed management from insurance professionals who know the food industry.


rhg benefits for AFT members

AFT members can enjoy the following benefits with rhg:

  • Discounted rates for AFT members
  • Financial rewards and stable premiums for those with low claims
  • First-class claims handing through pre-appointed, fully authorised loss adjusters
  • Active loss recovery and disaster management designed to have you back in business with minimum disruption
  • Specialised Certification for proof of cover
  • Low cost premium finance
  • Special terms for AFT members across a broad range of rhg services


For more information and quotations please contact Peter Checketts at or on 01438 345706. Alternatively you can get in touch with Andrew Carle at, or on 01438 345735.